What You Get


Each session is accessible in the Unite Challenge members area, which you get access to when you sign up today. The first session is immediately available. You must complete the available session to unlock the next session.

How To Claim Your Rebate

If you complete all 7 Unite Challenge sessions within 12 days, you get 100% of your investment today rebated back to you. After you finish the final session, you can simply press the “Rebate” button in the members area and it will guide you through submitting your rebate request.

Once we verify you’ve completed each Challenge, we’ll send you full investment back. Note: you must have a PayPal account in order to get your money reimbursed back to you.

Sign Up For the

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Note: We reserve to remove the rebate offer without notice. If we do so, then this page and sign up button will be deactivated. So joining right now is the only guarantee you can go through the Unite Challenge and then get 100% of your investment rebated back to you.